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Shapes and Sounds Part 1

Welcome to a home learning programme that links the letter shapes we write with the sounds we speak.  

If you are a teacher visiting this site please look at the Teacher's Guide to Shapes & Sounds video and skills chart at the bottom of this page

To use this programme watch the videos for each lesson in the numbered order or choose those activities that suit you best.   

The video below will show you exactly how the resources are organised and how to use this programme:

Remember to scroll down to view all videos.           

If video clips are not loading on ipad, follow the steps below to rectify this:

Go to Settings - Safari-Clear History and Website Data.


For a permanent guide to the activities, click the link to take you to the Shapes & Sounds leaflet shown above.

How many shapes do we use to form each letter?

You can choose to explore the shapes we will be using before we start the sequence of shapes for each letter. 
These activities can be completed using a pencil/pen and paper, or with a finger in shaving foam or on a steamed up mirror.  They can also be completed using long arm movements in the air. 

Shapes & Sounds is a complementary, home learning programme to the GDSS school phonics programme Getting Started.  

If you are a teacher using Getting Started, you may find the information below useful:

Click here for Shapes & Sounds Skills Chart