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Lesson 1 - t
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Being able to write letter shapes automatically is a really helpful skill for everyone. Use this step-by-step guide to learn a linked handwriting style.   Or keep the style you already use and concentrate on how we know when to use each of the letters in the alphabet -  another really helpful skill.

Learning the sequence of shapes for the letter t and link it to the speech sound.


Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to write the letter t in a style that is linked.  Then learn which speech sound to listen out for in so that you will know when to write it.  Use these skills to go on a Sound Search – a useful skill that will speed up your ability to recognise the sound in different positions in words.  

Use the video below to learn how to make a booklet from one piece of paper and then use it for your sound search.

How to make a booklet from one sheet of paper

Click on the link below for written instructions on how to make a booklet:

The title on the front of your booklet can be the letter t you have learned to write.  You can then fill the pages with pictures of the things you have found that need the letter t.

Play ‘Sound I Spy’ with your booklet to help you.  You start by saying, “I spy something beginning with today’s sound.”