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Lesson 23 - r
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Learn the sequence of shapes for the letter r and learn how to use this letter with the four vowels we have covered so far.

Remember to scroll down to watch all videos. 

Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to write the letter r in a style that links the letters.  Then listen in so that you will be able to recognise the speech sound that lets you know when to write it.  Use these skills to go on a Sound Search – a useful skill that will speed up your ability to recognise the sound in different positions in words.

Additional Activities
Work through the remaining activities on this screen and in the sub-sections on the right, or choose the ones that suit you best.  Now that we are using more letters, you may prefer to sometimes pause the writing videos and then go back to them at another time.

Practise all the letter shape and speech sound links.
The first step in freeing up processing space for what we want to write is to make how we write each letter and blend an automatic response to the sounds we hear.  You can do this for lower case and capital letters.  
You can also extend Building Speed for Capitals with the ‘Be the Teacher’ routine that was introduced in Lesson 11.  It enables you to practise all the lower case letters we have covered so far with you being in charge of saying the second set of speech sounds.