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Improving Handwriting
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Watch this short movie for tips on improving handwriting.

Improving Handwriting

Below is a summary of some of the tips given in the movie - you can also download this summary to print from this link: 10 Tips for Handwriting

Here are some ideas for helping your child to improve the size and form of letters and words:

  1. We recommend short daily practise of around 10 minutes - repetition forms good habits and builds stamina for writing (just as you might practise your football skills, guitar or gaming skills!)
  2. Use a highlighter to mark a line for your child to write on - helps them keep letters the same size, with tails and upstands going just out off the highlight - only use this for as long as necessary.
  3. Remind them of spacing between words - using a narrow pencil to judge this or a thin strip of paper... again, only use this for as long as they need it.
  4. Practise lower case letters first, practising one letter family at a time

   These letters start like c    c o a d q g

     These letters start like r    r n m h k b p

     These letters are similar   i l t c j f

     These letters are similar   v w u y

     These are the ‘extras’       e s z x

5. Next revise capital letters

6.  A good way to practice mixing lower and upper case letters is to write names/ lists - children's     names, countries, Star Wars characters etc. 

7.  Progress to writing or copying out short sentences

8.  Make practice as much fun as you can - to help motivation. Use things that interest them such as cartoons, film characters, jokes, limericks etc.

9.  Encourage your child to pick their 'letter or word of the day' - the one they feel proudest of

10.  In time, pull back on using the supports like the highlighter and spacer, if things get wobbly go back to these again and work on gradually withdrawing them





Finally - not a tip - an important life skill -

support your child to practise writing their name and address

This is something they may be asked to do frequently and difficulties with this will impact their confidence and feelings of self - worth. 

Practise ........ Practise..........Practise