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The sets of blend wordlists on the right are a resource to use with any of our games and multi-sensory activities.  The sets are not definitive and are not meant to be worked through one by one.  You can start anywhere.

Here is also a list of household objects that you can also use as part of some of the games:

Suggested Household Objects for use in games:

Blends Set  Suggested Household Objects/ Pictures for use in games

scarf, skirt, skull, skip, mask, whisk, spot, crisps, stem, stick, stamp, vest, crust, chest


sword, swan, twig, twirl, twix, gift, soft, mint, band, sand, tank, pink, drink, trunk, lamp, stamp


bulb, black, block, flag, clasp, clock, club, flask, flex, glass, glitter, plant, plum, plug, talc, gold, calf, milk, belt, bolt, kilt


brick, brush, crab, cross, crisps, dress, drink, drum, track, truck, card, bird, dwarf, scarf, fork, stork, spark, purple, tart, skirt


rock, sock, clock, duck, truck, ring, string, chips, chick, ship, shell, fish, brush, dish, cloth, match, whisk, dolphin, elephant, alphabet


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