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1. Hearing and Segmenting Syllables
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Hearing and Counting Syllables

Being able to break words into syllables supports reading and spelling. A good way to develop this skill is to ask your child to listen for and count the number of syllables in a word. they can do this by clapping or tapping out the rhythm of the word. Another good way is to place your hand under your chin when saying the word - your mouth opens wide at each syllable, as each syllable has a vowel sound in it. The clip below explains how to do this

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If you're looking for inspiration on words to play with try these, count the number of syllables in...

everyone's snacks today...the names of our favourite superheroes...the toppings on our pizza...the clothes we are wearing, etc!


Older learners may benefit from reinforcement to remind them of the value of breaking long words down in to syllables. Think of some of the trickier words learners are introduced to as they move through school...

addition    subtraction    triangle    parallelogram    temperature    thermometer    reproduction    biomechanics

Reminding them of the the skills to break words down helps older learners to read and to spell

The clip below illustrates some activities which learners of all ages can enjoy and may benefit from.

The sub sections to the right contain lots of different ideas for activities to strengthen syllable skills, most are simple with few resources so are easy to tap in to.

You can also find activities directly linking syllables with spelling and reading in those sections of this website.