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Spelling Patterns
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Spelling choice means that for the sound they are trying to spell they have the choice of several different options. For example the sound /k/ can be spelt with the letter c as in cat or magic, with the letter k as in kilt or drink and with the letters ck as in luck.

We also have to help learners understand that one letter can spell different sounds, for example the letter c makes the sound /k/ in cat but makes the sound /s/ in cement.

(Where a letter is surrounded by these / / symbols it shows it is the voiced sound or phoneme).

The trick is to gain an understanding of how to make the best spelling choice. We like to think of this as a problem solving approach to spelling- instead of teaching learners to remember we are teaching them how to understand. This approach works well for many learners with Dyslexia, who may have limits in their memory for words and sequences of letters but may have strengths in problem solving.

The subsections to the side take you to specific sounds/ letters which most commonly cause confusions.

Below is a link to a PDF on Spelling Tips which we put together for learners. Please remember we all learn at different rates and you or your learner might not be at the stage to find all these tips useful, but hopefully there will be something to help  at this point and as you/ they move forward.

You may also find this book useful, it should be available through Glasgow libraries.

The Spelling Rulebook published by SEN marketing, ISBN 978-1903842065