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Fun with reading - motivating and breaking it down
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Take the stress out of are ideas of fun things to do at home that all support reading.!

Chatting helps to expand knowledge and vocabulary and this helps with reading. Chat with your child as much as possible. Play with words - if they don't know a word explain it's meaning and encourage them to use it as much as possible. Find other words that have the same meaning, think about words with opposite meanings.

Carry the chat outdoors - take the chance to look at words you see all around and encourage your child to read them. Help them with the tricky ones and give the word if needed - this will build their reading skills and/ or build their recognition of that word. This is especially important for common words that we need to be aware of in our every day lives.

Storytelling is a great alternative if reading becomes too much of a chore for the child - the storyteller can model vocabulary and expression while also reinforcing knowledge about the wider world, feelings or shared experiences.

The Scottish Book Trust have some helpful tips on storytelling, including how you and your child might make your own digital stories.

Find their tips at

Race to Read... Spell for Speed Game

This game can be played with words of any level, for one or more players, it encourages chatting and helps think about the spelling and reading of single words. Click on the link under the picture to download the game board and instructions, if you don't have access to a printer ask in school.

You can find lots of word games to buy and online... check out charity shops and ebay too. Don't worry too much about choosing the 'best' one... the important thing is the time you, or others in the house,  spend with the learner just talking and sharing your thinking about words ... giving a purpose to reading and spelling.

Here are some ideas....  this website is run by a charity founded by Usbourne books, a long running publisher of children's books. It takes you to a game you can play online. It has won several awards and appeared in educational features in the press. Help your learner pick the appropriate starting point. a bit expensive but worth a look as you might get ideas of things you can try and there are free downloads although mostly worksheets... you have to buy the games.