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Finger Workouts
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Colouring and Tracing

Colouring in, especially with pencil crayons, helps to keep hands in tip top condition and ready for writing.

The ‘old technology’ version of copying is also an ideal activity for older children.  It stops the “I wanted to do that one!” arguments in a busy household and can be used to trace images from books, newspapers, magazines and comics.  These images can then be copied onto plain paper.  They can also be copied into note pads and used as illustrations for a child’s own stories.

All you need is ordinary baking greaseproof paper and a pencil.

The Dot Game

This game has very simple rules but is lots of fun. 

Play with 2 or more people.  The aim of the game is to form a square.  Count up your letters at the end, and the person with the most squares is the winner.