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Word Lists
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The sets of twin endings word lists, below, are a resource to use with any of our games and multi-sensory activities.  The sets are not definitive and are not meant to be worked through one by one.  You can start anywhere. If you have a printer please find links to PDFs of the wordlists at the bottom of the page.

Word Lists

Suggested Household Objects for use in games:

ck endings

Blends Set  Suggested Household Objects/ Pictures for use in games

back, hack, pack, rack, sack, tack, black, crack, knack, quack, shack


beck, deck, heck, neck, check, fleck, speck


kick, lick, pick, sick, tick, wick, chick, quick, thick


dock, lock, mock, rock, sock, frock, knock, shock


buck, duck, muck, puck, suck, yuck, chuck, pluck, truck, stuck


Suggested Household Objects for use in games:

ff, ll, ss, zz endings

Blends Set  Suggested Household Objects/ Pictures for use in games
1 Jeff, off, cliff, sniff, stiff, buff, cuff, huff, muff, huff, bluff, fluff, gruff, scoff, scruff, sniff, staff, stuff, whiff

ball, call, fall, gall, hall, mall, tall, small, stall, squall, - the a in front of a ll usually pronounced /o/

bell, cell, fell, jell, sell, tell, well, yell, Nell, ill, bill, dill, fill, gill, hill, Jill, kill, mill, pill, sill, till, will, troll, doll, dull, hull, gull, lull, mull, smell, spell, swell, skill, spill, still, drill, frill, grill, dull skull, chill, shall, shell, swell, thrill


bass, brass, lass, mass, pass, glass, class, Bess, dress,  Jess, less, mess, kiss, miss, hiss, boss, floss, gloss, loss, moss, toss, Ross, fuss, bless, bliss, dress, press, cross, floss, gloss, Swiss, tress, stress, chess

4 buzz, jazz, fizz, fuzz, frizz,  swizz, whizz  
/b/, /g/, /d/, /n/, /t/

ebb, egg, add, odd, inn, butt, mutt, putt, Matt, mitt, Scott 


-ff, -ll, -ss, -zz,%20ll,%20ss,%20zz.pdf